November 12, 2013

We came to know Building Blocks and their wonderful environment over 5 years ago when my children were little(2.5 and 5.5 at the time). I was fearful of any change for my Child, especially my son, who loves consistency. The minute I walked into the school, I felt my heart soften and fears subside. It felt like home. I loved the daily learning stories they sent home, so I could read about what my children were learning, see the pictures of them doing it, and talk with them about it at night. I realized I wasn’t missing their childhood after all; I felt actively engaged. Incorporating nature into the learning was a huge bonus for the child. The school is beautifully nestled on the edge of a state park area, and over time this provided hours of learning, playing, and enjoyment for all the child. Through every season, there is something to learn from the outdoors and they all do! Hurray to the wonderful staff, teachers, and owners who make it happen every day and tirelessly continue to encourage, develop, adapt, learn, smile, love, and treat our child like their own. We Love You Building Blocks – Thank You!