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Our core values

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The Joy of Learning
Through positive intentional child-centered play - children’s cognitive, physical, language, literacy, and social-emotional skills are enhanced. Through the “100 languages learning” our children become creative and active thinkers. Covert and divergent problem solving is fostered, strengthened, and develops a love of lifelong learning
Welcome to Building Blocks School Preschool-Home of the Nature Walk
We value self-respect, mutual respect, and respect for our environment. We provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages the appreciation of the awe and wonder of childhood
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We nurture our community and promote cultural awareness in our environment, encourage participation, and celebrate the diversity of our learners, families, teachers, and extended community
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Deep Nature Connection
We help to awaken greater awareness and appreciation for our natural world within our community. This includes both the nature that exists all around us, as well as that which lives deep within; growing joyful, trusting, authentic relationships that grow in the relationship with others and the land. We believe that this connection is an essential element of the human journey. We are a Michigan Green School.

Building Blocks Unlocks The Power of Your Child

We aim to unlock the full potential of your children by creating effective, enriching, and positive learning for them. Our childcare programs are designed to fill their formative years with colors and give them a bright future. Your children will love it here!


Building Blocks is centered on one simple principle:
Enriching Active Learners

  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Developing intellectual curiosity and wonder
  • Encouraging children’s personal interest
  • Cultivating nature love

Our curriculum is inspired by internationally renowned Reggio Emilia Philosophy. Our approach acknowledges children as capable active constructors of knowledge and places emphasis on the learner’s curiosity, interests, sensory experiences, surroundings, and social relationships. In the child’s early formative years, children form their own “hundred languages” of expressing themselves and have numerous ways of thinking, exploring, playing, speaking, and doing. Building Blocks Teachers act as documenters, observers, and researchers, to support children’s learning while our classroom and outdoor learning act as a “second and third teacher”.
Being intentional and responsive to stimulate the senses of every learner and unleashing their innate creativity is what our curriculum focuses on. Fostering creativity through the work of young hands reflects the values we want to communicate to children. Our guiding principles allow us to focus on the whole child, empowering their thoughts, questions, interests, and in turn confidently fostering a lifelong love of learning.

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Holistic Development
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Outdoor Classrooms
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Inquiry Critical Thinking
Nature Play
“The Reggio Emilia philosophy of respecting the child as a protagonist, collaborator, and communicator in his or her own learning resonates with me as both an educator and a mother.”Suzanne Gabli
Executive Director

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