Pre Kindergarten program

We offer Full Time and Part-Time Pre Kindergarten program.  The Full-time program runs year-round and the morning Pre Kindergarten program follows the Huron Valley Schools Calendar. Please call 248.889.2727 to see if there is available space in our full-day Pre Kindergarten program.

Children learn best when they find answers for themselves and in their own way. We document your child’s learning and send you a learning story daily (for example Learning Story nature walk). This gives you an opportunity to scaffold the learning process so you know what is happening in our classrooms. This is a great tool to extend the learning process at home.

Our Pre Kindergarten curriculum is holistic and nature-based.  It provides a foundation for life-long learning and simulates their natural desire to learn. Your child’s creativity, learning style, and individual needs will be attended to by our highly qualified staff of teachers. Our full-time and part-time Pre Kindergarten Program is a multi-age preschool grouping of children 33 months to 6-year-old children.  We prepare your child for life.  And yes they are very well prepared for elementary school.

This is intended to increase the heterogeneity of the group to capitalize on the differences in the experience, knowledge, and abilities of the children. By combining a multi-age group of children, team teaching, the Reggio Emilia Approach, Emergent Curriculum, and the Project Approach we have truly created a child-centered environment.