Covid 19 Safety Measures

Best in class Covid-Safety measures safeguard your family health.

Keep your child safe, happy, and learning. Download our Covid Health and Safety Plan. Evidence-Based Guidance from Experts protects your family from Covid-19

Social Distancing Minimizes Exposure

To keep your child safe, only staff and students come inside the school, and there is only one child at a time who is dropped off and picked up by one adult. Additional social distancing measures include:

  • Hand washing as a child joins the classroom and throughout the day.
  • Continuous cleaning of materials and surfaces throughout the day.
  • Reme-Halo on our HVAC kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air. We have Covid Policy and cleaning protocols in place.
  • Snack, Lunchboxes, and Nap Cots stay spaced out.
  • We spend most of our day in our Outdoor Classroom.