Our core values

Children Playing Game
The Joy of Learning
Through positive intentional child-centered play children’s cognitive, physical, physical, language, literacy, and social-emotional development are enhanced. Through the 100 languages of learning, our children are creative and active thinkers. Covert and divergent problem solving is fostered, strengthened, and promotes a love of lifelong learning
Welcome to Building Blocks School Preschool-Home of the Nature Walk
We value self-respect, mutual respect, respect for others, and respect for our environment. We provide a safe and nurturing environment that encourages the appreciation of awe and wonder of childhood;
Teacher & children preschool
We nurture our community and cultural awareness in our environments, participation, and celebrate the diversity of our learners, families, teachers, and extended community;
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Deep Nature Connection
We find significance in helping to awaken greater awareness and appreciation for our natural world within our community. This includes both the nature that exists all around us, as well as that which lives deep within; growing joyful, trusting, authentic relationships that grow in the relationship with others and the land. We believe that this connection is an essential element of the human journey. We are a Michigan Green School.