Looking for a special preschool for your child? You’ve found the award winning, holistic, green preschool to meet your family’s needs.  Open House Monday, March 7 from 6-7 pm. SCHEDULE A TOUR.  We would love to share with you how Building Blocks Preschool warm family oriented, nature based, preschool and childcare can serve as a stepping stone for your child’s life happiness and academic success.  “Building the Foundation for A LOVE of LEARNING.” Call us or email info@BuildingBlocksSchool.com to set up your own private tour today!  


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We believe that children have the right to live their Childhood, not too be rushed through it. We believe that all children are capable. We view every child as being full of potential and believe that all children have a natural desire to learn and make meaning of their world.


A Message to Parents from the Staff of Building Blocks Preschool:

As informed and involved parents, you’ve already laid the foundation for your children’s learning. It’s our job to build on that foundation by providing the very best in developmentally appropriate early-learning opportunities.

Why Building Blocks?

High-quality early childhood education optimizes school readiness and leads to better academic performance among children in grades K–12. At Building Blocks, we’ve taken the most innovative learning tools from around the world and woven them into a curriculum that aligns with State of Michigan goals and objectives for kindergarten students.

Our talented and dedicated teachers nurture all aspects of a student’s development—the social, the emotional, the cognitive, and the physical. This “whole child” approach to education makes preschoolers constructors of their own learning, with teachers serving as their guides. Always thinking on their feet, Building Blocks teachers take cues from the children and adapt lessons on the fly to support students in their discoveries.

Children are at the heart of everything we do at Building Blocks Preschool. Our goal is to instill a “love for learning” in each child who passes through our doors. Actually, it’s more than just our goal—it’s our passion.




Creating relationships with teachers, classmates

and our environment gives our children a deep respect for each

other and the outdoors.



At Building Blocks Preschool our teachers observe, document and research children’s thinking and learning to guide and support and experiences. “We are excited that our nature preschool program runs year around. There is so much to learn with Michigan’s four seasons. Our children become observers, noticing the big changes and the small ones”. The mission of Building Blocks Preschool is to “build a foundation for a love for learning”. With our inquire based-emergent curriculum we incorporate outdoor play, nature exploration, and environmental practices, such as recycling and conservation.


The fundamental values are based on an image of children as curious, competent, and capable of co-constructing knowledge. From the moment of birth, children are engaged in a search for the meaning of life, seeking to understand the world that surrounds them and the relationships that they form and develop with others in their world. If we were talking to you on your first day here we would say, “Welcome to planet Earth. There is nothing that you cannot be or do or have. And your work here—your lifetime career—is to seek joy.”